Uhaul Boxes : U-Box Moving Containers

Movers use Uhaul boxes for everything they want to move. It includes TVs, wine glasses, dishes, clothes which need hangers, books, lamps and mirrors etc.

Uhaul Boxes

Firstly, we will talk about cardboard box which is one of the classic trademark products of Uhaul. Uhaul is trying to make it simple and efficient for the customers. We take an overview that how Uhaul came to help the masses everywhere with moving or packing task.

The company ideology came into being in 1945. The aim of the company has been to help Uhaul customers to meet their need while moving. It includes trailers, trucks storage units, moving supplies and most importantly boxes. All of these moving things have played a vital role in the growth of the company.

7 Things you should know about Uhaul Boxes

1: 100% Payback Guarantee

If you purchase too many Uhaul boxes for moving and you have saved some then you can send unused to Uhaul. It is because Uhaul gives 100% buyback guarantee. There is another option that you can also keep them for your next move or organized needs. You have to show your present original receipt when you will return the boxes. And you will get your full money for unused boxes.

2: Proved Durability: Testing Process

Uhaul boxes are made after going through a number of procedures in the testing lab which is located in Arizona. The boxes survive longer than other boxes. It is another quality that boxes have that is, they should be prepared for rain. It is mandatory that they should withstand water. After going through the tests of humidity and direct application of water Uhaul has won over other boxes. They also went through compression test in order to check withstand heaviness within a moving truck or in storage. Consequently, Uhaul box can only be crushed after bearing 721lbs. They also have the elasticity which can mold it back to its original shape whereas the competitors are crushed after 409lbs.

3: Flap Lock Feature

When you pack a box then the flaps remain connected so that your stuff stays down. You should keep these flaps connected until you are ready to close your box before moving. Use a box cutter to sever the flaps before sealing the box.

4: Handy Box Handles

If you are carrying box without handles for a firm grip then it will be a difficult task. It will be easier for boxes to slip out of your hands without something to hold onto. Therefore, U-Haul boxes contain handle slots along with boxes. A U-Haul moving box has the capacity to support 65 lbs of weight which you can carry with a pair of handles.

5: Variety of Box Types

You can easily get a Uhaul box for anything. Whether you are a sports devotee who can use sports utility box for the fishing rod or golf clubs. Additionally, if you are a fashion designer and you have to move your outfits then you can easily find U-Haul boxes for every occasion. U-Haul boxes are suitable for your lamps, TV, books and kitchen wares etc.

6: Easy Labeling

U-Haul boxes are equipped with an area for marking the contents of each box in order to facilitate you. You need to mark the flap with a felt pen then you will be one step ahead of moving.

7: Take a Box, Leave a Box Program

The Uhual concept gives recycling of used boxes and also gives provision of free boxes for customers to exclude moving costs. Many Uhaul dealers and company stores are offering this program. Therefore, anyone can take or leave a reusable moving box for the next mover who is needy. If you will use Uhaul moving boxes then it will give you an easier moving, picking and storing experience with a stronger box.

Recource : uhaul.com