Cheapest Truck Rental Service with Uhaul Coupons Codes

There are several truck rentals available in the market and we can say that Uhaul is the cheapest truck rental service across the country.

Cheapest Truck Rental Service

There are several options available for you and you have to figure out which one is the cheapest one-way truck rental. Additionally, the prices can be changed on daily basis. The prices are based on different factors such as origin, destination, equipment size and moving date. In cheapest truck rentals, we can include Penske, Budget truck, U-Haul and Upack. We shall discuss them one by one and also bring out their differences.

Penske Truck Rental

When you select one-way truck package in Penske truck rental company then it will give you 10% off. They are of the view that they offer free unlimited miles on one-way truck rentals in the United States. They also claim that other companies charge for miles when the given amount is over. Penske does not charge it because it is the cheapest truck rental. You need to book your rental online in order to get 10% off.

They also claim that if you rent with Penske then you can expect fuel efficiency too. 6000 trained technicians and maintenance personnel do preventive maintenance at more than 700 Penske service facilities across the North America. They are also famous for environmental protection and agency of superior fuel efficiency. Penske one-way truck rental gives 12-foot truck for six days with unlimited mileage. It includes rental price 1350$ + 125$ for limited damage waiver, 497$ for fuel and 9$ for environmental fee. In addition, we have to add taxes that is, 115.01$. The total price of the move is 2096$.

Budget Truck Rental

There are several deals which are available for different classes and they give 20% off to them. It includes US military, Police, Fire and EMT, students, bar association and motor club. Budget truck rental provides 12-foot truck for one-way rental with six days and unlimited mileage. The rental rate of the truck is 1366.20$ + fuel cost that is, 497$ and adds 105.88$ as a tax. The total budget is 1969.08$.

Cheapest U-Haul moving Truck Rental

The Uhaul quotes give you 10-feet truck for six days and allow you to drive 1736 miles. The cost of the rental is 1597$ and if you want to add safe move coverage then add 105$. They charge 5$ as environmental fee and 497$ like other for fuel and 132.02$ for taxes.

U-Pack Truck Rental

We can quote an example for the price like you move from San Diego to Houston then U-Pack moves costs you 1504$. It is for 7 linear feet that are similar to 12-foot rental truck.

We have discussed the famous truck rental companies so that you can decide the cheapest truck rental. Identify the cheapest truck rental and get the cheapest truck rental for your moving.