UHaul Rates & Prices – Compare the u haul Prices

You should go through U-Haul rates to compare u-haul prices before moving long distance in a UHaul truck.

UHaul Rates

You should go through the service options which are available in the advertised rates. When you are getting everything you need but you may end up spending more than expected. When we talk about mileage, equipment and days, they are limited. There are things which are not included can increase U-Haul rates. Everyone wants to stay in budget, therefore, you ensure U-Haul prices before you reserve a move.

What does U-Haul in long distance rates include?

When you receive a one-way quote from U-Haul then you get price and details about the move. You must be thinking that how can they get to your price and what do they consider? You need to go through the U-Haul rates in order to explore the rate factors and details.

U-Haul Price Per Day

Uhaul does not give you the price as per day for long distance moves. Instead of per day price they give bundles price which includes an entire move. This price is based on origin and destination locations, the equipment size and the number of days you got.

U-Haul Mileage Rates

This quote will include the limited number of miles and it is also based on origin and destination. We take an example of a move from Chicago to Salt Lake City, UT gets the total of 1652 miles. According to Google Maps, the trip is more or less 1400 miles, you need to keep your detours to less than 252 miles. If you will exceed the limit then they will charge you 0.40$ per mile. It is according to the U-Haul prices.

U-Haul Rental Time

Long distance moves come with the limited number of days like mileage. We take an example, from Chicago to Salt Lake City contains 5 days of use. It includes traveling, loading time and unloading time. If you are driving 9 hours per day at an average speed of 50-55 mph then it will take 3 days to complete 1400 miles. It shows that you will get a day for loading and unloading. If you are using additional days then it will charge you 40$ per day. It is according to UHaul rates.

Uhaul Truck Rental Rates

Uhaul truck rental rates start from 19.95$ and it is based on in-town. They offered these rates to those customers who return the vehicle where they picked it up. This deal does not include the cost of mileage and fees. In reality, if you are renting 10-foot truck then it will cost you double or triple from the advertised amount. Additionally, you will not get a discount on Uhaul truck rental rates for unused days.

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