Tips to Pay Less Money to U-Haul

Do you want to get a Uhaul? You may have a lot of questions in your mind that need to be answered right?

If you are looking for different ways to save money on U-haul bill, we have got this covered in this helpful guide. We have come to know about it after using it for more than 10 years.

Make the Payment Using Debit Card, if Possible

You may not know that U-haul does not need a deposit when you pick up your vehicle, so it will be good news for you. If you will use a credit card for payment purpose, they will charge the estimated amount before you get the keys of the vehicle.

When it comes to paying by cash, you will have to pay the full estimated amount plus an extra 100 dollars, not keeping in view the moving, whether you are moving in-town or cross-country.

In addition, keep your card along with you when you arrive the store. U-Haul will make you reproduce your payment method, even if you have already booked the vehicle online or using the phone.

Note Down the Gas Gauge Level (in writing)

You should ensure that the gas tank is full before you put your vehicle on road. If you are not doing it, get a U-Haul person to do the paperwork for you.

Ask them to be more specific about the gas gauge, it means that where the needle is.

After doing so, double-check the odometer reading too. The employees of Uhaul will not think about being unfocused with you, then they will demand the specifics when you are going to drop off.

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Always Fill out the Damage-Sheet before you Take Off

Get an in-depth analysis when you inspect the vehicle for damage, you will do it with your U-Haul person.

You need to focus on the nicks in the paint job and cracks in the windshield. Don’t get an answer like “don’t worry about that”.

Just highlight/mark it on the existing damage sheet and you are good to go.

Getting late? Call ahead to the store!

Do your best when it comes to returning the vehicle late and do it without breaking the traffic laws.

Some U-Haul reps may be lenient in such matters, but you need to play it safe and hand over the keys on time. If you are behind schedule, call ahead. It is better if your Uhaul person knows that you will be late. If he/she is confused with the decision, you may end up with a massive fee.

Ask U-Haul a favor, get a break

If you are moving for a long distance, you can ask the Uhaul company, if they need the truck in the nearest location where you are going.

The individual stores can give you a favor in this regard, if you agree to drop the vehicle there for them.

If you’re Flexible, Don’t Book Weekends especially at the end of the month

We mean to say that you should avoid peak rental periods, the rates are higher when you go for the weekends or the end of the month.

At times, U-Haul offers one free month of self-storage, it varies from user to user, it ranges from the beginning or at the end of the moving.

So, moving your belongings into and then out of storage may give rise to extra in-town rental, it means more money for them.

So book another date instead of the weekends or end of the month, it is because the date will heavily impact on Uhaul bill.

Ask if there is any chance, you can pick up U-Haul Truck the night before your move

You should consider picking up your U-haul vehicle the night before your move, to be more specific, an hour before the closing, if your local store is allowing you to do that.

It will increase the chances of getting the vehicle of your choice, in this way, you will avoid the trouble of not getting a truck at all. They may ask you to drive to a different store/location to get one for you.

Picking up at night will be more helpful instead of in the morning, because time is money right?

Coast, coast, coast

Be relaxed when it comes to deal with gas pedal. Some U-Haul trucks may come with fuel economy gauge to inform you what kind of mileage you are getting when you are moving in the town.

Take it easy when you use the acceleration and coasting rather than racing up to reach the next traffic light, it will make a difference in the gas expenses over the long distance ride.

Pay your UHaul Bill Immediately

It is a common thing for U-Haul because they charge the additional charges when you drop off the vehicle.

U-haul puts the customers under the extra charges, most of the users are not prepared for it so they do it on a promissory note. This way they prevent them from renting again until they pay the outstanding payments.

If you think you have a legitimate dispute, bring it up directly, don’t walk away. U-Haul does not bear with being ignored.

Final Words

Not everyone pays just $19.95 plus tax, U-Haul can charge you more fees and add-ons.

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