Uhaul Trailer hitches and towing accessories

You need Uhaul Trailer hitches and towing accessories for your SUV, truck and car to tow your vehicle.

Uhaul Trailer Hitches

If you are hauling, moving, biking, boating, camping or moving then you need to start with Uhaul hitches. You can easily find your perfect fit hitch today by filling the form on the website of Uhaul. You can purchase Uhaul trailer hitch receiver and ship it to yourself. Additionally, you can also make a schedule an installation at a U-Haul store near you. Uhaul is the only trailer hitch installer which allows you to purchase it and schedule it online. You need to focus on simple steps and you are on the way. When Uhaul will install a hitch on your vehicle then you can add guarantee replacement without any limitations of damage. It includes corrosion, collision, jackknifing, accidental overload and theft of the vehicle. There is also a wiring service plan for you which will cover you for two years.

U-Haul Bike Racks

It is one of the Uhaul hitches which can fulfill your bicycle hauling needs. If you want the top of the line bike rack which is a group of friends then it is available. A smaller bike rack is also available at Uhaul which can carry one or two bikes.

U-Haul Cargo Carriers

You can convert your car into a gear-hauling machine by using a Uhaul Cargo carriers. They contain both roof-mounted and hitch cargo carriers which are from the top industry brands. You can extend your space of car, SUV and truck by using these carriers.

UHaul Cargo Carriers

Why Should I Choose U-Haul as my Hitch Installer?

There are many advantages of installing a Uhaul trailer hitch on your vehicle. Uhaul hitches will allow you to tow, transport sports equipment and many more benefits. When you need to install it then you will astonish that what can make a Uhaul hitch installation different.

Install it on the Same Day

At times, you find it difficult to complete your errands. When you find a free time and do not expect it then you are unable to plan anything. But U-Haul helps you in this regard. U-Haul consists of more than 1800 stores in North America. Additionally, you can find 30+ warehouse locations where you can get your Uhaul hitch installed. In addition, the stores of Uhaul remain open 7 days a week. When you are aware of so many locations then you can easily schedule it on the same day. We recommend you to call ahead instead of waiting. Walk-in appointments are also available.

Purchase and Schedule Uhaul Trailer Hitches Online

Uhaul allows you to purchase and schedule Uhaul trailer hitches online. You need to enter the year, make and model of your vehicle to get the perfect hitch. First of all, you will fill out your car details then you can pick a U-Haul hitch installer which is based on reviews and location. Uhaul will provide you the hitches which are suitable for your car and they will also add recommended hitch accessories to your cart. Then you can add or remove them according to your own choice. After doing it, you need to verify your cart items and make a schedule and pay online. If you compare it with other hitch installers then they will ask you to pay them in-person. They may adjust the prices later. At Uhaul, if you select to schedule your Uhaul hitch installation online then you will get 10$ off as a bonus.

U-Haul Hitch Installation Safety Plans

If you choose U-Haul hitches installer then you can add guarantee replacement on hitch and trailer wiring plan too. By adding the small amount of 5$, the guarantee plan gives you the replacement for life and without any limitations. It means that you can cover collision, corrosion, jackknifing, accidental overload and vehicle theft in it. You just pay attention to this 5$ deal which is like a lifetime warranty. U-Haul is offering this kind of deal which is reasonable and beneficial. If you buy or install new towing wiring then the service plan is also available for wiring in 10$. It gives you 2-year warranty to make sure your brakes and lights are in proper shape while towing.

U-Haul Can Beat Any Price

Uhaul trailer hitches are available in lower price. Uhaul also adjusts labor or parts to compete with its competitor pricing. You can also get some bonus discounts as well. If you buy a bike rack along with your hitch installation then you will receive a 10$ discount. Uhaul has all major brands of bike rack, therefore, if you are installing a hitch for outdoor purpose. Then this combo deal is a good one. If you make a reservation online then it will give you 10$ off discount. Uhaul is full of custom hitches for all major vehicles and available with the premises of the United States and Canada. It does not matter what you drive they will give you hitch at the best price.

Large Comfortable Facilities

If you are anxious about large RV or food truck will not be able to fit in Uhaul hitch bay then do not worry. It will be fine. Uhaul has thousands of hitch installation locations and bays are good enough to fit any size RV, truck and vehicle. Additionally, if you want to wait around when Uhaul professionals work on upgrading your car. You can get comfortable chairs, vending machines and restrooms inside the showrooms of Uhaul stores. The waiting time will allow you to go through the hitch accessories which are available and you may need to add-on.

Uhaul Custom Made Hitches

Instead of installing a generic hitch, U-Haul will install a custom made hitch which is specific for your vehicle. That is why Uhaul will provide you the best available hitch for your car or vehicle. U-Haul deals in all major vehicle manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Therefore, they know that which hitch is suitable for you which is based on the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Reference: uhaul.com